Department of Games (Graduate School, full-time) and Game Producing major (Graduate School of Industry, part-time):

The department of Games combines arts (M.F.A.) and engineering (M.E.) components to provide an integrated approach mixing theoretical studies with game development. Our intellectually stimulating program prepares our students to become leaders with pivotal roles not only in the gaming industry, but also in other fields of digital content. The School of Games offers a Game Producing major – a graduate school program (M.F.A) for existing industry professionals – as part of the Graduate School of Industry (part-time). The objective of the Game Producing major is to cultivate technical expertise in game developers currently working in the field and to provide a networking platform so as to foster the future leaders of the gaming industry. Game developers with industry experience in major Korean gaming companies such as NCSOFT and Nexon are currently enrolled in our Game Producing major, sharing valuable development experience and strengthening their game planning, programming, and designing skills.

Education Contents

Our graduate degree program comprises the full-time Games program and the part-time Game Producing program, both of which are 4-semester Master’s Programs. The department of Games (full-time) is divided into arts and engineering disciplines to focus on producing in-demand skillsets for game development. Broadly speaking, the arts build a remarkable research capacity in gaming visual design, CGI, and storytelling methods, while engineering studies allow students to enhance their research capacity in their field of interest, including gaming clients, gaming servers, and mobile media. The Game producing major, part of the Graduate School of Industry program (part-time), develops the real-world skillsets required for game production and planning, as well as offering indirect exposure to the actual game production process through a variety of case studies.

Field of Study

  • Design Research.
  • Interaction Design Research.
  • CG Research.
  • Storytelling Research.
  • HCI Research.
  • Game Client Research.
  • Game Server Research.
  • Smartphone Game Research.


  •  2004, Foundation of Software/Game Department, General Graduate School (daytime).
  •  2007, Foundation of Game Production Major, Master Degree, Industry Graduate School. (Night-time)
  •  2012, Rename of Software/Game Department to Game Department, General Graduate School (daytime).